About Christina

  • History

    Christina has a professional photographer since 2007. She’s completed several courses with The Institute of Photographic Studies including Prizewinning Photography, Prizewinning Photography II and Photojournalism. Christina has been fortunate to expand her skill set in several different avenues of photography. Christina has taken person portraits including, but not limited to newborn photos, senior pictures, engagement photos, wedding photos, and funeral photography. She’s also captured local events, national conferences, and more!

  • Minimalist

    Christina’s mission is simple: to represent life as it is and create images that allow clients to vividly remember the most special moments in their lives. Her minimalist  approach focuses more on capturing the emotion of an instant and less on crafty editing techniques. Suggested poses are necessary to provide a framework for a photograph. However, Christina’s experiences have led her to believe that the true magic happens “between the poses.”

  • Memories

    Photography became very important to Christina at a young age because she used them to richly recall her favorite childhood experiences. After much urging, she received her first digital camera at age 16. She won’t reveal her age here, but sixteen was a while ago. Her passion for photography has continued to grow over time. For Christina, it is vitally important for everyone to tell their story in high-quality, telling photographs. In her eyes, “visual tradition” is just as significant as oral tradition.

  • Fun

    Christina lives on a fruit farm outside of Coloma, Michigan with her husband, Mathew and two dogs, Ben and Moose. She loves her home, her friends, reading and agriculture.